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General courses

They are General language courses which provide speaking, listening, reading and writing practice. There are classes at Basic, Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels. All new students are tested before entering a group. The minimum number of students in each class is 3, the maximum 10. The courses are structured around 1 or more textbooks, but you will also study using other resources, including cassettes and videos (for more information go to: I nostri corsi).


Examination courses

These courses prepare you for the internationally recognised examination certificates which are widely accepted by† employers and universities. The courses involve practice, at the appropriate level, in writing skills, reading and listening comprehension, speaking and examination techniques (for more information go to: Certificazione, I nostri corsi).


One to one courses

They are† individual courses that focus on the studentsí interests. They can be attended by one or two students. The students may choose the timetable and the amount of hours they want to do. There are both general and specific courses (for more information go to† I nostri corsi).

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